The Boat House Spring 2018


Category: Institutional


The objective for the boathouse project was to design a multi-use boathouse and community center for the Philadelphia City Rowing club. The struggle with this project was contending with the awkward site and making sure that the rowers had good access to the street and the water. Most of the project was spent focusing on the forces acting on the site and learning how to react to them. To do this I analyzed a joint I found in the staircase in the URBN center, and found all the forces that acted on the joint, and used that to relate to the forces that are acting on the site. This was also the first project where I used programs like Rhino and Autocad, so the model was still very important for conveying the design. This meant that I spent a lot of time making the physical models for this project, so it’s one of the best models I made during my first two years.

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