Summer Building Classes Summer 2017 & 2018


Category: Teaching


For this project I was working as an assistant instructor for a series of design build classes for the community. We started with a three week course on scooters, which was something that we knew people were interested in building. We had built a few rough test scooters
before the class so that people could have something to copy off of and expand on if they needed to. Then we took the ideas that the group had liked the most and that we thought worked well and distilled those into two scooter designs that people could build in the last
week. Once the scooter class was over we had people vote on what we would build for the next class. The group voted on side tables for the next class, which followed a pretty similar process to the scooters. The final class was for shelving, which was interesting because we had to try and come up with systems for people who couldn’t drill into their walls at home.

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